Discovering Chat, Sex and Girls In Qatar

Posted on May 18, 2015

Donald: I just had to get back on it. After 6 months out of the game, I got myself on a plane and headed out to the Middle East and Qatar to do some deals on importing stuff. It was gonna be another debauched business of meeting people and having a crazy time. And it was exactly that. I stuck to doing my job for as long as I could but once it was all out of the way, rather than heading home, I decided to stick around.

It wasn’t long before I met some girls in Qatar for chat, sex and more. I was sitting at a bar getting slowly drunk on the most expensive whisky I could get my hand on when along came this really hot Russian girl, who looked like a model and had the figure to match. I ordered her a martini and we began to chat about allsorts. It turns out she was an air hostess on one of her days off. She was out for a good time, it seemed and quite keen to meet somebody it turns out. I matched the profile. I was well dressed that day, in a $1000 dollar Savile Row suit, and looking good. I’d been to the gym for months and I was in shape. My date Natalya also looked incredible. With perfect features, a slim figure and legs that just went on and on, she was just perfect.

We talked about work, family, and friends, places around the world and much more. I was getting a little tipsy by the end of the evening, and she decided to join me at my place. Thankfully I’d rented a huge penthouse for the week, and there were no expenses spared. She sat on my dining table and undressed, and we made love right here. I carried her to the bedroom and took her roughly from behind. If only work was always this much fun.

I woke the following day to discover that she’d let herself out. It wasn’t too long before I was on the street myself, after a trip to the gym and shower. Picking up a breakfast I got myself a strong coffee and danish, before h10940467_739421506136107_6048380955910599532_neading out for a walk to check out the streets around the marina. It’s pretty iconic around there, and I’m sure it will even more amazing by the time of the World Cup. There was a huge open air bar where about 5 hot girls were drinking cocktails and sunning themselves. It turns out they were variously working and living there. I got one of them to split off from her friends, most of whom had husbands, and got talking to her.

This chick Gina had a fella back home, but hardly saw him and was missing company. Anyway, it was a tangled mess of an afternoon, which turned into an evening. Her friends gradually drifted off one by one, and we ended up at her flat. It was a nice place, impressive, and she clearly had a good job. She was desperate to give me a blowjob, and unbuckled my pants the moment we got inside. She was feasting on me. So hungry for it. Several hours later she cooked me breakfast, and I went back to my place.

I was soon trawling dating sites, including Qatar Sex Dating, which is well worth a recommend if you’re ever in town. I got myself another date that evening, and had one last blowout with this American girl from the Mid West, before getting the plane back home to London, spent financially, and drained of all my fluids……


Sluts, Sex and Casual Encounters in Melbourne

Posted on April 27, 2015

Mike: You’ll be amazed at the fun I had when I found casual relationships, sex, sluts, in Melbourne. I was there last year as part of a trade delegation meeting top business officials across Australia. We got first class treatment all the way, seeing the finest hotels, restaurants and bars. And going to openings, forums, meetings, that sort of thing. Anyway, in the evenings it was a debauched piss up for some of us who decided to have some fun with it.

I met some womeYou can find some pretty sexy singles in Melbourne! n online and proceeded to see them during the whole time that I was there. There was Angela, Susan, Emma, and Margot, and many more. It was tiring, but they all got what they wanted! You’d be amazed at how crazy Australian women are for sex, it’s totally different. They loved my British accent, and posh Surrey background, I think, and I don’t think the money or the expenses I was on did any harm either.

One evening I was in this 5 star hotel in the centre of Melbourne when I just started chatting to a woman that I’d met on a random dating site online. She seemed very keen and up for it. And stunning. She turned up 3 hours later in my hotel room wearing nothing but her underwear and a coat. I’ve never had someone as insatiable. She just wanted to fuck more and more, and just couldn’t help herself. We were up all night, going at it from every single angle, on the tables, on the floor, in the bathroom, from behind, with her on top. She just wouldn’t stop.

I took her to a restaurant the next evening, and she insisted on taking me into a toilet cubicle and giving me a very loud, enthusiastic blowjob. I’ve never met someone so crazy. Well, until a few days later when I met another women using the same Melbourne casual encounters dating site, who turned out to be a lot of fun.  She showed me the sights of the city, all the boho backstreet bars and cool places, and at night we were going at it like crazy. She had a thing for being taken from behind and treated roughly. I certainly got treated to 50 Shades of Melbourne by her.

I met some great single women and had some great sex with babes on the junkets that we were on, too. There was a couple of escort sites that I could call and they would have a woman in my room within the hour, but I found I didn’t need them. It was far easier to choose to go online, or just chatting to people when I was out in restaurants and bars. Sex in Melbourne really wasn’t a problem, and that’s why I would recommend the city to anyone.

Finding people to chat to online wasn’t a problem, and locations for dates wasn’t either. The city is full of secret bars and hidden backstreets, great places you can go, and a cool bohemian atmosphere. The food is great and I just can’t remember a better city I’ve been to anywhere, certainly in the English speaking world. Australian women are wonderfully straightforwards, and clear about what they want. They’re fun to be around, and easy to be with.  Anyway, suffice it to say I didn’t get much work done on this excursion, and I spent a lot of time incapacitated, pretending I was unwell. I think I might have to go back to Australia soon, just so I can experience the whole thing all over again, and meet some sexy Melbourne sluts without the pressure of work to hold me back.

How I Dated Super Sexy Girls in Dubai!

Posted on April 6, 2015

Dave: Hi guys. I’m one of the club of guys here who regularly meet up in London, and have some interested experiences and hobbies that we share. I enjoy going out to swingers clubs and massage parlours in the city, and I like to hook up however I can when I’m abroad. I work in the Aerospace industry, where there are some very high net worth individuals, and they like to entertain and enjoy themselves in quite extreme ways. It’s all about money, and you are encouraged to take part in all kinds of activities, with beautiful women laid on, as part of events and parties.

Last time I was in Dubai, working, and going constantly to meetings 24-7, I did take a break and headed online and scoured some Dubai personals sites to try to meet some people for dating. I wanted something quick, and easy, no strings and no pressure, as I didn’t have much time to waste. Thankfully, I found No Strings Dubai, this site dedicated to casual adult dating.

It was a change from escorts, but I’ve tried every single kind of adult experience out there, and I had come across this type of site before. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed, and I found some Arab girls for dating quite quickly. It was a quiet night and I’d uploaded a decent profile, and was soon chatting to whoever was online. This fun girl in Dubai started talking to me, and we were on camera shortly after, and then on a date the following evening. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to think about it. She had a very slim figure and curvaceous hips, as well as very fair skin, and delicate European features. She’d started talking absolute filth immediately, and kept teasing me throughout our conversation. I wasn’t used to an arab girl being so forwards, and I didn’t know

Party time in Dubai, with hot girls was fun

Party time in Dubai, with hot girls was fun

how to take it. Turns out her mother was western, and her father worked in the oil industry.

She was very sexual and open about her experiences. It was clear she knew what she was doing, and what she wanted. It wasn’t long before we were back at my apartment, which was a huge penthouse that had been given to me by the company I was working with. I had a view across the marina, and we proceeded to make love across every inch of the apartment. She enjoyed being dominated and slapped. I had to stop her from getting too carried away at one point, because she was getting into it too much. In the end, we screwed so hard she could barely walk.

She left as soon as she appeared, and I didn’t hear from her after that, strangely enough. I went back to the site, and thankfully, it wasn’t long before I discovered even more sex in Dubai. There was a chick from France who worked as an air hostess and seemed to know her way around the city. she’d been based there for a few years, and she showed me a really good time. We went round to bars and clubs, and it wasn’t long before we were back at my place. She was quite forceful, surprisingly, and dominant.  It was a refreshing change, and I’m glad I met her.

Anyway, in the end, I did leave the city after completing my job there. I was a great time, and the eye opener was how many single women there are, particularly glamorous attractive ones who are far from home and very much up for casual relationships. The fact I had the credentials and the finances to show them a good time seemed a big help, and you have to be careful how you behave in public, but it’s just as fun as anywhere, once you master that.



How We Discovered Sex Dating in Bahrain!

Posted on March 30, 2015

Mike: “Hi all. Reminiscing about my crazy days working, and meeting women for dating in Bahrain is something that I like to do from time to time. And I just wanted to share one of the many exciting and wild nights I’ve had while out working abroad in various financial roles and on secondment, and so on. I’ve been fantastically privileged to go out and see the world as part of my job, and I really can’t complain with what I’ve done.

The thing about me and the ex pats I knew over there is that it was like this weird double life which was highly glamorous, and you felt like you could do anything. It’s a deeply conservative country, have no doubt about that, but I did have a lot of fun with quite a few women while I was living there.

There were some very interesting escort girls out there, and of course it was all discreet. Some of them were from quite respectable backgrounds in the UK, and Europe and so on, and told their parents they were working in hospitality. But believe me when I say that you could have sex in Bahrain any night of the week. Whether it was Ruby, Cathleyn, Sam or Zoe, I could always find someone who was willing to please me and fulfil my needs.

The key to getting what you needed is discretion. You had to keep things quiet, and not let anyone know what you were up to, besides a trusted circle. That, and having staff in your building who were willing to turn a blind eye. I do remember bringing around quite a few chicks after wining and dining them on a date (it was always no expense spared!), and taking them back to my place. It would always be late at night when no one was around, and the doorman always sorted me out. I did have to cross his palm with silver for the privilege, but there you go. But Bahrain dating was some of the best times I’ve ever had.

There were women seeking men in Bahrain who were genuinely interested in meeting men and happened to be single, working in the hospitality industries. The great thing was they were incredibly up for meeting someone, and often very, very good looking, because that’s why they had got hired in the first place. Being away from home gave them the freedom to act how they wanted knowing that they would be judged back home. Like I said, you could see multiple women if you wanted, and often they were understanding and just cool about it. Just one of the things about being an ex pat in a foreign country for from home. I did have some of the best nights of my life having Bahrain sex, and I often thing about it with great fondness.

Manama is a very beautiful city, and the skyscrapers, beaches and malls give a very distinctive feel to the place. You could be anywhere, and you feel connected to that international world of the super rich, that includes Monaco, Dubai, and those kinds of places. The cars, fashion labels and impossibly beautiful women certainly help to complete the picture. I do remember feeling like a totally different person, and the things I did were so other worldly that it’s like a different life. Larger than life. I felt like a total pimp, a massive ladies man, and I had my pick of the ladies, believe me. The women seeking men in Bahrain that were out there were great fun, and the best company ever. I do recommend going out to the Middle East and these places like Dubai, because you never know what adventure await.

Bahrain Is A very glamorous capital for partying, girls and dating

Bahrain Is A very glamorous capital for partying, girls and dating









Finding Fun, Dating and More In Qatar!

Posted on March 10, 2015

Escort Dating

Donald: “One of my more recent awesome experiences is when I went to visit some oil fields in Qatar last year with my job. We had to do some negotiation on exporting the stuff, and I was wined, dined and entertained by very wealthy and smart executives. There are some hotels over there, 7 star of course, which have some gentlemanly entertainment available as room service, and this is a practice that is found all over the middle east, in places including Dubai, Saudi, etc.

Anyway, I had a great time being wined and dined, Michelin restaurants, and expensive bottles of wine, all the way. The women on offer in Qatar were pretty spectacular too, with some very sexy Eastern European, and Russian women working over there who taught me a thing or two that I didn’t know. If you like blonde women, have loads of money, and you’re in Doha, then you’re in luck. Some of these chicks looked like underwear models, I’m telling you. Incredibly beautiful girls, with perfect bodies.

One of them was this Russian chick called Natalya, who insisted on calling me Sir, the whole time. She was very much into role play, and other related stuff, and I’d never really delved too deep into that stuff before. It was both fun and a bit weird, like 50 Shades of Grey with the voice of Borat in the room.

Another thing I did was to meet women through this dating site. It was a surprise, but there were quite few willing girls in Qatar over there. A lot of them, though not strictly escorts or professionals, as such, were working in the hostess or retail professions, and very attractive, and just wanted men to take care of them, spend money on them, and make the feel wanted. So I met some very willing partners, including quite a few North African and Indian women who were working in the restaurants, and hotels.

One such hot babe, this gal called Sam, (her real name was too long to pronounce, I think), did this thing that would make your hair stand on end, involving being on her knees, and well, you can guess at least some of it. All I can say is that some of those Indian chicks have certainly studied the Karma Sutra.

I had thought that it was all going to be very prim and proper, it being a conservative country, and all, but, not the case. There was even what was pretty much an orgy one night, where a group of about 15 women turned up at this party at someone’s penthouse, and we all just took whoever we wanted. I’d never quite seen anything like it, although I’m told it happens a lot in certain circles.

Through it all, I did manage to get some work done, though god knows how. It was all very debauched and Bacchanalian. I think the Romans would have been proud of us. Well, we steered clear of young boys, but other than that, it was insane.

Anyway, if you go over there, it probably wouldn’t be the same. The key is who you know and immense wealth (I don’t have it, but I met some people who certainly did) brings with it certain freedoms, and those include an unlimited supply of beautiful women. If you ever get invited to go and party in the middle east, or meet sexy girls in Qatar, I would certainly recommend you go for it, though. I will certainly be back if I get the chance.

Meet the Connaisseurs of Escort Dating….

Posted on February 23, 2015

Escort Dating

We are the experts! : Escort Dating Expert.

Heard about the Girlfriend experience? Are you a fan of Punternet and meeting escorts in real life? We might have something for you to enjoy. This new blog hopes to bring you some reviews from a group of people who regularly use the services of Escorts around the world. We’re a loosely connected group of friends who travel with work and play, and get to see different corners of the globe, and wanted to share the benefits of our experience with you.

So if you’ve ever been curious about finding someone to bang in Bangkok, or getting hooked up in Hong Kong, then we could be the ones to give you the leads that you need. Having experienced all kinds of escorts we can tell you that there are many types, and customs vary from country to country. There are the infamous hotels of Dubai where you can get some very special room service, and the party girls that hang out on the beaches of Thailand (They may make away with your wallet at a full moon party, though, so beware!).

Life is surely all an adventure or nothing, but it certainly helps if you have a guide! We’ve tasted some of the finest beauties in the UK, including Russian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Thai, Polish, and many, many more. What is it that makes a good escort? Knowing how to please a man, how to listen, be a good companion, and, obviously be top courtesan, with a knowledge of how to please a man. Being beautiful helps, too! Here’s a quick introduction, just to help you get to know us….

Donald: “I work in the oil industry, which means I’ve met many a proud Texan, Saudi, Arab, and Russian, in my travels! The money trail left with it by this business brings with it a great deal of glamour, and that means beautiful women, fast cars, fancy apartments, and, inevitably, escorts. You aren’t complete without a $1000 suit and a woman on your arm when you’re out in a club in Dubai, New York or Hong Kong, and sometimes that means you make a call. Sometimes you don’t actually hook up at all, and just get some company, but sometimes, these women will show you secrets you didn’t dream possible! I just thought it might be fun to share a story or two.

Mike: “Coming from a private school, and growing up in leafy Surrey, England, I was a bit naive in the ways of the world when I first hit the City of London as a trader at the age of 24. But I soon learned that it was all about big deals, big money, and a big lifestyle. We spent a lot of time working very hard, and then going crazy at weekends, and on a Friday night, heading out to gentlemen’s clubs, and enjoying the pleasures that I’m sure you can imagine are part of the territory. Anyway, I’ve been doing this for some years now, and I’ve seen the world with it. I just wanted to put down some of my experiences while I still remember them, while they’re still fresh in my mind”.

We also have several other guys that are part of the team, who will be joining and posting their rich experiences of escorts in London, and all over the world. So there you have it. A range of experiences from a gang of high living, well travelled men of the world, all for your reading pleasure! And don’t forget to check us out on Twitter!